Why Use Kerada

Kerada is the provider of the best quality tube stock in Queensland. We have the right plants for your region, with the variety and availability that you want online.

Our Difference To You:

Your plants will be superior as Kerada’s stock:

  • is greener looking
  • has less mortality (10% is usual) with little or no wastage
  • has faster growing times (average 3 to 4 weeks) so you get a quicker turnaround

You will make money quicker through a reduced growth cycle and you will get repeat customers as our stock is healthier and tidier. No roots coming out of the top of the pot and no dead leaves on the surface. Perfect tubestock leads to a perfect plant or tree.

You have access to a choice of stock that’s right for you in the quantities that you can sell.

If we haven’t got it we will get it for you.

Our Proof:

–           every tube is personally checked by the sales staff

–           only first rate cuttings are used

–           all our seconds are dumped

–           Kerada constantly researches the latest developments on what are the best plants, propagation methods, fertilisers and sprays and their application

–           we don’t use growth regulators

–           our tubes are sun hardened plus we throw away poorly rooted plants

–           plant mortality occurs at Kerada not with you

–           we throw away incorrectly growing plants

–           we have no substitutes

–           we don’t prune so tubes turn into trees not shrubs

–           our tubes grow quicker due to a superior root structure